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Ah yes, The one that I've been waiting for an excuse to do! My excuse? As of yesterday it has been 35 years since Raiders of the Lost Ark was released! The film was an instant classic (thanks in no small part to the great design of Jim Steranko's series of paintings) and influenced many films to come such as the Phantom, The Rocketeer, Sky Captain and the world of tomorrow, etc... My point is; Indy falls into the genre of Pulp Heroes, and there's nothing that I love more. I want to see your best representations of all the greats! Doc Savage, The Shadow, The Avenger, The Phantom, Domino Lady, Zorro, Buck Rogers, John Carter, The Rocketeer, The Green Hornet, The Spider, The Black Bat, Rocket Man, Jungle Girl... The list goes on and on. And why not, I'd even like to see your original pulp heroes! - Eric Britton

Featuring the artwork of:

Eric Britton
Richard Chin
Chris Thompson
Dennis Mendoza
Chris O Connell
Kevin Miller
Jason Millett
Ryan Vila
John McKechnie
Luc Grigg


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