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Kevin Ward is a designer who mixes fashion with characters, his blog incorporates fun comic book style with a high fashion sensibility. I've fallen partially in love with him just based on his art work, but he seems like a nice guy as well. This San Francisco based designer has turned some of the biggest names in comic book characters (some that even a complete moron when it comes to comics will recognize), into fashion icons by creating fashion paintings based on those characters.
I came across this over at Comics Alliance: The celebrated cover artist of 100 Bullets, PunisherMAX, Detective Comics and many, many more great series, Dave Johnson knows what he's talking about when it comes to creating great comic book cover illustrations.
Paul Dini? David Goyer? No more Nolans. Who will helm the franchise when Nolan ends it with Bane? This reality shtick was nice while it lasted. Nolan didn't target teens, else he'd make the suit with twilight nipples...he went after adults...it's dark and dreary.
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