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A look at the show that isn't from a strange guy's cell phone
I don't think this will end well for Supes
A lot of rumors can be put to rest
The last batch of DLC for the DC fighting game was finally announced
Mike Mignola's signature character joins the fight
The NYCC trailer gives us a new look at the film's villain
The next set of DLC for the DC fighting game is on its way
The SDCC trailer gives us a first look at the film's villain
Wonder Woman is still raking in money while Spider-Man beats expectations
The film is set to surpass Batman v. Superman's domestic gross
Wonder Woman sets the new record for highest opening weekend from a female director.
The Wonder Woman movie is currently sitting at a 96% on Rotten Tomatoes with more reviews coming in
A new event will give players the opportunity to use Gal Gadot's armor from the upcoming movie
Zack Snyder is moving away from the DC Cinematic Universe in order to deal with family matters.
We get our first real look at the upcoming CW show in a new trailer
Warner Bros. has released the final trailer for the Wonder Woman Movie
DC is bringing a live action Teen Titans and Young Justice season 3 to its digital service.
A trailer is out for Syfy's upcoming Krypton
Manu Bennett might be coming back to Arrow for the Season 5 finale
The new trailer for the upcoming Justice League movie has been released
A new teaser trailer for the Justice League movie went live today
Aquaman movie pushed back until Christmas
A new trailer for Firestorm in Injustice 2 is out
Gal Gadot shares new trailer for the Wonder Woman movie
Alexander Siddig cast to play Ra's al Ghul.
Dr. Fate was shown off in a new trailer for Injustice 2
Since it was founded in 2010, Action Lab Comics has been building a strong following with fans and critics. One of the first publishing companies to use Kickstarter to successful fund Fracture. Along the way company has released a great number of all-ages titles and created a mature imprint line called "Danger Zone". 2013 looks to be a huge breakout year for the company with Jamal Igle's MOLLY DANGER, Gayle Middleton's VAMPLETS and Jeremy Dale's Skyward gaining a lot of buzz and public interest from old to new comic readers. CBNAH caught up with Jim Dietz, PR Representative and Shawn Pryor, VP, Digital Media Coordinator/Project Management to chat about SDCC, Skyward, Danger Zone imprint and more.
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