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A look at the show that isn't from a strange guy's cell phone
Spooky stuff is happening with this family
After months of waiting, we've finally got it
The new Doctor was revealed in a short teaser on the Dr. Who social media pages
M. Night Shyamalan's new film, Glass, is set to release in 2019.
DC is bringing a live action Teen Titans and Young Justice season 3 to its digital service.
A new trailer is up for the remake of Stephen King's IT.
Lucky enough to score an advance look at Valiant Comics' Faith #1.
There are very few comics I get as excited about as I got when I read my copy of “Friends with Boys,” this comic has everything that I love in a comic. A story that is engaging and full of mystery and intrigue, relatable characters and Hicks’ charming art style.
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