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Geeking Out at the Tower Podcast Episode 21: Winter and Spring Anime 2015

Its the long awaited Spring 2015 Anime episode brought to you in the summer. This episode was recorded back in May as you can tell by the discussion of the Jem trailer, Bloodstained Kickstarter and the Digimon OVA/Movie 1 discussion in the news. We also geek about a few cons and a lot of discussion on the Food Network. Also before we discuss Spring, we wrap up our thoughts on the Winter 2015 anime that came out and or ended then. Plenty of spoilers and fun discussion abound. Enjoy!!!

You can also download our episode on the following link here.

Time Stamps:
[0h01m17s – 0h15m14s] Intro and News
[0h15m56s – 0h42m24s] Geeking Around
[0h43m52s – 1h44m39s] Main Topic: Winter 2015 Anime Recaps
[1h46m07s – 2h42m47s] Main Topic: Spring 2015 Anime Impressions
[2h44m12s – 2h46m13s] Outro and Info

Music Used :
[0h00m00s] Flyers by BRADIO (Death Parade Opening Theme)
[0h15m14s] Jem and the Holograms Opening Theme
[0h42m24s] Jiriki Hongan Revolution by 3-E Utatan (Assassination Classroom 2nd Opening Theme)
[1h44m39s] Spice by Tokyo Karankoron (Shokugeki no Soma Ending Theme)
[2h42m47s] Kuchiduke Diamond by WEAVER (Yamada-kun to 7-nin no majo Opening Theme)
[2h46m13s] G no SenkĊ by Daisuke Hasegawa (Gundam: G Reco Ending Theme)

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