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'Here's Y' You Need To Listen To Double Experience! New Lyric Video and Interview With Guitarist Brock Tinsley

From Ottawa, Ontario, Double Experience has been making some huge waves in the Canadian music scene since 2011 with their Neo-Nerd Rock sound. The band line-up is Ian Nichols on vocals, guitarist Brock Tinsley, drummer Kenny Saunders and bassist Tim Kealey. Double Experience has toured all over Canada, United States, UK, Spain, Germany, and France. This August the band will be releasing their new album 721835 and recently kicked off their "Smells Like Freedom" tour a few days ago. CBNAH staff writer Panagiotis Drakopoulos caught up with guitarist Brock Tinsley to chat about touring, the new album, E3 and more.

CBNAH: For people who are unfamiliar with Double Experience, can you give us a brief history of the band?

Brock Tinsley: When our band members in this current line up came together in late 2011, we made a conscious decision to take our time and do as much we could without attracting too much attention to ourselves. This way, we knew we could foster something that was not only extremely special to us, but work out any of the inevitable kinks in a relatively private way. Since then, we've played 500 shows across 7 countries.

CBNAH: Who were some of your main influences (both music and lyrics-wise)?

BT: I respect anybody who can become a totally different character for several minutes and weave a concise story in their songs. That is the coolest thing to me, and bands like Coheed and Cambria, He is Legend and Clutch are my favourites for this reason.

CBNAH: Take us through your songwriting process?

BT: Both Ian and I collaborate on lyrics, and I really cherish that give-and-take we have. Ian has a gift of creating melodies and harmonies and he will often let me work in ideas, words and prose that I feel enhance the theme or topic we choose for each song.

CBNAH: 721835 will be out this August, musically how has the band progress from One Big Quicksand to this album?

BT: Writing One Big Quicksand was basically a lot of second guessing and revision, but ever since then we have all become more comfortable with our instruments and vision for the band. When we wrote each of the new songs for 721835 it was because we were chasing an idea we all absolutely loved. For better or worse, none of the songs on the new album were sitting in a “maybe” pile being dissected or changed, but the end result is something we are so much more proud of.

CBNAH: As someone who is detached from the mainstream music, what do you make of the state the industry is in?

BT: Music has never been easier to create or release from the musician's perspective. This reality has it's pros and cons, but anybody bitching about the current state of the industry needs to realize that it is not the audience's fault or their “short attention spans”. People would be gladly laid off their jobs if it meant they could cram another season of Breaking Bad in before the sun goes down. People have all the time in the world, they just don't want to waste it on bad music anymore.

CBNAH: Tells us about your upcoming Smells Like Freedom Tour and what can new and old fans expect from you?

BT: The Smells Like Freedom Tour won't be our first time in the USA, but it will be our first time in many of the states we are visiting. Whether somebody knew about us years ago or they just heard “Here's Y” and come to the show heckling us to play that one song over and over, it doesn't matter. Anybody who is there for us on this tour can expect us to repay their good taste in music in full frontal nerdity with the craziest and certified Most Canadian show they will see all summer.

CBNAH: Overall thoughts of E3 this year? Any specific games you're looking forward to?

BT: The Division is going to change my life. I haven't been this excited to get a game since Diablo 2, and that was the 4th grade. Ian and I still haven't decided on which next-gen console to get because we've been on the road so much, and games like Sunset Overdrive and No Man's Sky are not making our decision any easier.

CBNAH: What shows, games, novels, films and/or comics are you guys currently getting into?

BT: Tim and I have spent the past week going through his list of must-see movies, and bonding over the horror titles with him has been nice. These included Ichi the Killer, The Strangers and Maniac. I know Ian just bought The Hobbit to reread on the road, and he’s always working on his comic collection when he can.

CBNAH: What does the future holds for the band?

BT: Some more tour dates to round out the summer, and then I’m pushing for some time to conceptualize our next move and demo new material. Our band has been running on all burners that I’m sure two more summer tours for us is going to drive us back to a relaxing period to recharge our batteries, physically and creatively.

CBNAH: Finish this sentence – Comic book nerds are hot because…

BT: They know the value of wrapping the goods in plastic.

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