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Amazon's The Boys Gets First Casting

Reported by DeadlineThe Boys has announced its first casting: Erin Moriarty for Starlight.  The comicbook adaptation of Garth Ennis' twisted superhero world is being directed and produced by Seth Rogan, who has currently been working on another Garth Ennis property, Preacher.  If you were a little lukewarm on Rogan's take on Preacher, you might be interested to hear that Eric Kripke, the creator of Supernatural, is writing this new series and also acting as showrunner.  And it looks like he's already made a good call in getting Erin Moriarty for one of the main female roles.  Known for her work in Jessica Jones, Captain Fantastic, The Kings of Summer and True Detective, she seems like the perfect person to bring Starlight to life. 

For those that need a refresher, Starlight is the newest recruit for The Boys' corrupt version of the Justice League, The Seven.  A deeply-religious Christian, she has her faith shaken when she learns how vile the superheroes she looked up to really are.  She's sort of this world's Jubilee, having the power to create blinding lights that don't seem to cause physical harm. She can also fly and has very strong athletic ability.  No word yet as to when you can see her on Amazon Streaming, but we will be sure to keep you guys posted as more updates come. 

So what do you guys think? Fan of the comic? Like this casting? Let us know!


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