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Another Battlefront 2 Trailer Revealed at Star Wars Celebration


Star Wars news has been dropping left and right this week.  Yesterday, we had the trailer for The Last Jedi and earlier in the week we saw a leaked teaser for Battlefront 2 that revealed that there will be content from all eras.  Today, we've gotten an even longer trailer for Battlefront 2 that shows off what to expect from the story: it appears that the game will take place during the fallout from Episode VI and you are an Imperial Officer trying to "set things right." A panel with the developers has confirmed that it is canon.  Still doesn't look like there was any gameplay to show off, but between the expansion of content beyond the original trilogy and a single player campaign that actually exists, there is a pretty good foundation for Battlefront 2 to stand on.  Here's the link for the website if you want to read up on things for yourself and the trailer will be linked below..



What do you guys think? Story look good? Waiting for gameplay before any judgements? Let us know!

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