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Black Cat and Silver Sable Movie in the Works

Earlier this month, we reported on a standalone Venom movie coming in 2018.  Well, according to an article by the Hollywood Reporter, Sony also has plans for a standalone Black Cat and Silver Sable movie.  We don't have any idea as to a release date, but it appears that the plan is to start production this fall. Chris Yost, who has worked on a ton of Marvel projects including Thor: The Dark World and the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok, is currently writing the script.  He is building his off of another started by Lisa Joy who wrote for and co-created HBO's Westworld. 

Black Cat is the resident cat burglar (get it?) in the Marvel universe and has appeared on the big screen before. If you recall Harry Osbourne's assistant from the Amazing Spider-Man 2, there she was. She hasn't gotten much of a chance to shine, which is a shame because she has one of the coolest powers in the Marvel universe: luck control.  She can give herself incredible luck and give whomever she wishes bad luck.  Catch her and a bad mood, she'll make sure that you drop your wallet, break your arm, and burn your house down all in the same day.  

Silver Sable is a mercenary with no superpowers.  However, she is an expert martial artist who is capable of kicking ass with a variety of weapons, most frequently a pistol or sword.  She runs her own company, which provides her with all kinds of military technology and spends her time hunting Nazis and other war criminals.  She's been a frequent ally to Spider-Man, and it will be cool to see how she will work with Black Cat in this upcoming film.  Keep an eye on our site for more updates.  

What do you think? Like the idea of the team-up? Fan of Black Cat or Silver Sable? Let us know!

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