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Bloodstrike #2 Review

Bloodstrike #2. Shocking, but nothing wowed me. BUT I didn't hate it either. People that like to rip on the 90s comics might actually enjoy this book. It isn't simply a 'Liefeld' book. Its a Liefeld book and commentary on Liefeld/90s books. Sort of like that 'Kung Fury' YouTube movie that doesn't just make fun of action movies, it revels in being a bad action movie. Bloodstrike revels in being a 90's comic. I will say that this issue did throw me off by introducing a completely different part of the overall story in the beginning. I'm sure it ties in but the rest of the issue felt like a stop over point.

Also, if you're familiar with Liefeld's twitter or interviews you'll know he has some interesting things to say about the industry. He does as well on the back page of the issue as well.

Still can't say I'm mad I bought it and still kind of interested to see what all he does/says in this book. May be in for another issue. -Chris Grisby


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