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Box Office Updates: Spider-Man and Wonder Woman Going Strong

The numbers are in, and DC and Marvel have had a good weekend at the box office.  To start, Wonder Woman has just edged past Suicide Squad and is now the second highest grossing movie in the current DC film universe.  Having been in theaters for half as long, Wonder Woman is now on track to top Batman v. Superman and could even become DC's highest grossing film if it can break a billion and overcome The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises.  There's really not much more to say at this point beyond expect more Wonder Woman media in the future and we'll let you know if it keeps the pace up.

As for Spider-Man, it pulled in $117 million domestic and $257 million total when you include the international gross.  What is neat about this is that this is well above the $80-$110 million it was expected to pull in.  We did learn a bit more about the Marvel/Sony deal, and that is Sony is going to take the entirety of Spider-Man's box office total, while Marvel is going to take the entirety of the merchandising.  So this is great news for Sony, probably non-news for Marvel.  Whatever the case, we won't have to worry about another Spider-Man reboot in two years, as a sequel to Homecoming has already been announced for July 5, 2019. 

So what about you guys? Happy to see these movies doing well? Not interested in box office numbers? Let us know!


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