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Are you a fan of manga ? Are you a fan of Weekly Shonen Jump and you`ve always wondered what goes on behind the scenes in the Shonen Jump offices ? Then I highly recommend this movie. The story follows the nephew of a famous mangaka who created in his golden days the famous Bakuman manga. Years later after he has passed, his nephew, who has a natural gift for drawing, tries to follow in his footsteps and realise his dream of having a manga appearing in the famous weekly magazine, Shonen Jump! The boy makes a promise with a girl from school, if he becomes a famous manga artist, and she becomes a famous voice actress, they would get married one day.
Overall, as a manga fan I greatly enjoyed the movie especially since the whole thing is a learning experience about how the system works for manga authors for big magazines such as Shonen Jump in Japan. More specifically how hard it is because of the heavy challenge manga authors have to endure in order to keep their ratings up and compete with the big competition. Even the best manga authors get replaced instantly if their ratings don`t live up to the magazine`s high rating standards. -Rachid Bgd



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