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This movie starts off with a really cheap looking 80s like narrative fighting scene in a sci-fi environment between 2 men…. And then they suddenly start making out intensely. Slash is a movie about a 15 year old boy who writes Slash, gay fan-fiction. We are never quite sure if he is gay or bi, but he becomes very fond of our second main character, Kate, a girl who cosplays and who also writes Slash, needless to say the only person in school who understands him. One important theme in the movie is “anonyma” online, the boy is very proud of his work but he often freezes when he has to click on the button “I am over 18”, facing an identity dilemma. The movie was a surprisingly refreshing cute depiction of the Slash scene in America, about a boy looking to be accepted in an older community. -Rachid  Bgd


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