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A ridicule comedy which, even though you won`t think is particularly good or even memorable, will somehow stay in the back of your mind to sometimes pop up and give you a smirk. Maybe because something or someone will have reminded you of The Greasy Strangler. The story follows a 40 something year old bolding naive man living with his father in some little town. However, the son does not know that his father is secretly, the greasy strangler, even though the evidence is always right in front him, such as serving his breakfast with such a big amount of grease it would make one sick just looking at it. Even the murder scenes are comical from their ridicule, the strangler goes out at night to completely bathe in grease and then strangle people, looking like a greasy big foot. Overall, it was an okay movie but I still sometimes find myself laughing whenever I see an old man eating tons of greasy food, ”he`s the greasy strangler” ! - Rachid Bgd


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