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CBNAH Interview with Where Giants Once Stood

Where Giants Once Stood has been making some huge waves in the Canadian metal scene. From word of mouth and a solid live show, the band has been winning a lot of new fans in process. In July, the band released The Changing EP and the music video for the single The Heavens Tremble. Currently are in the middle of their Where’s Your Head At Tour, which the band is touring all around Ontario and Quebec. CBNAH staff writer Peter Drakopoulos caught up with lead vocals Reshaun Page, and lead guitarist and vocals, Jordan Turnbull, to chat about touring, the EP and more.

Peter Drakopoulos: This is the start of your Ontario and Quebec tour. How are things so far?

Reshaun Page: We only played two shows so far. In Oshawa, our hometown and Belleville. Driven pretty good and I’m excited for Montreal tonight. 

Jordan Turnbull: Our Oshawa show was really good. It was a bit of emptiness off the top, we were a little worried and it just filled up. It was nice and yeah, we’re actually really stoked to be in Montreal. Our last tour we weren’t able to come through here. So, it’s really cool that we’re actually going to be playing in the metal capital of Canada. 

PD: Well, I thought Toronto was the metal capital of Canada. If you look at all of the bands that came out of that province like Kittie. 

Both: True.

JT: I’ve always just heard that there’s an awesome metal scene in Montreal. I only pass through here.

PD: There is a great metal scene here in Montreal. The best way I can describe your music is a cross between Death and Alice in Chains. Were you guys greatly influenced by both bands? 

JT: Honestly, not really. Reshaun really likes Death a lot, but he’s not even a guitar player. [Laughs.] I listened to a bit of Death and Alice in Chains. But my main influences are a lot of the new wave of American Heavy Metal like Lamb [of God], Avenged [Sevenfold], Killswitch [Engage] and also I like Blues a lot. It’s Interesting with a couple of  names you drop but for me personally, no. 

RP: You know, Chuck [Schuldiner] had that high scream. I did listen to him a lot before I really focus on my technique. I really never thought about it.

PD: What’s the metal scene like in Toronto and how you guys are able to stand out?

JT: The whole GTA [Greater Toronto Area] seems to be pretty good and always has been a big music scene for all types of music. We’ve been treated very well overall in Toronto. Our fist show was with Chelsea Grin and Veil of Maya, that was awesome. We played a few shows here and there -- Sneaky Dee’s and stuff. There’s always crowds and always mosh pits so, yes, it’s been pretty good. I enjoy it.

RP: We’ve been told that our style of music will appeal more here in Montreal, which is interesting. The metal scene in Montreal is very traditional. We kinda of have that traditional metal influence too in our music. Other bands have their own sound in Toronto and it’s really good I love their sound, but we’re also trying to do something a little bit different too. People would say , “You guys gotta go to Montreal. They will love you there.”

PD: You guys released the Changing EP this year. I was wondering will you be releasing a full length album next or planning on releasing an EP every year to have your music out there constantly?

JT: The next idea is gonna be EP again. Our personal opinion as a band is that we don’t feel it’s necessary just yet for us to release a full length album. First of all it’s a lot of money and we don’t have a lot of money. If we can put out four songs we can tour and do the same kind of stuff as would of eleven songs. We’re going to stick with the EPs for the next little awhile. If things pick up or we get bigger or we ever get an agent or label then definitely of course we’ll talk about full lengths. 

PD: Can we expect the new EP in 2014?

Both: Yes.

JT: I don’t think we should announce releases just yet, but it will be in 2014.

RP: We’re writing and we have scheduled for the next recording sessions. And we’re actually working with Jon Howard from Threat Signal. He’s going to be producing our recording. We’re all excited about it and it’s going to be fun. So, yes, definitely in 2014.

JT: We’re also all pretty big fans of Threat Signal. We think that Jon [Howard] is amazing vocalist. We’re really stoked for Reshaun because Jon is probably going to be able to help him [Reshaun] to get to the next level as a vocalist. We’re pretty excited for this next record for sure.

PD: After this tour of Ontario and Quebec are there plans to tour the rest of Canada?

RP: Hoping to go out West in the spring or in the summer. The offer was there to do it but touring the Prairies during the Winter time is a big risk. We’re definitely going out West in 2014 that’s our goal.

PD: What can people expect from you guys in 2014 and beyond?

JT: It’ll be probably pretty similar to what we did this past year. We’ll have new music videos, probably do another drum and guitar playthrough on our Youtube channel. Along with another lyric video and we’re just going to tour as hard as we can and if we’re lucky and if they have us, hopefully we can crossover to the States. As you mention, The West Coast would be awesome. We just want to stay out as long as we can. We all have jobs and stuff but that’s second -- besides the point we just want to be out on the road and try to get the band out there.

PD: For the recording process what happens first? Do you guys jam and work on the music while Reshaun is writing lyrics or you work on the lyrics first and then music or combination of both?

JT: Well, Reshaun is always writing lyrics. Myself and Scott [Major, Rhythm Guitarist] write the music and both him and I can record. We have a little recording program and basically we just demo. We write and work on it until it becomes a song.  Then we bring the song to the band, Austin [Hamilton, Drummer] and Remy [Lebeau, Bassist] adds the drums and bass, and everything comes together from there. Reshaun is generally the final step. He comes in at the end and puts his lyrics on top of the song.

RP: Yeah, I keep writing lyrics all the time and I bring my ideas to Jordan and Scott and they work with me on the phrasing and producing. It’s a collaborative idea with like how the vocals go on top of songs and Jordan usually sings most of the choruses. So, he writes his parts, for the most parts If I have an idea I write what I’m thinking and then Jordan will write his part for the chorus and his melody.

JT: Usually, Reshaun will come up with a theme of the song, the music will be written but there won’t be a theme to what it’s about. So, he’ll give us a theme and he leaves the choruses and bridges blank. For Scott and I, whoever happens to sing that part can write our lyrics based off Reshaun’s theme. That’s how it works.

PD: Last question, where do you guys see yourselves one year from now?

JT: Hopefully if we’re lucky, touring Europe. We want to try and get out there whether label or not. If we can it’ll be awesome and the same for America. Hopefully we can tour outside of Canada by year end, I think that’s probably everyone’s goal.

RP: We want to go to where the metal markets are a lot bigger.  We’ve been playing around here for a long time, even when we were younger. The metal market in Canada, I would say is not as big compared to Europe and the States. Hopefully will be touring there and the band can take the next step. This is our second tour of this year since we launched as a band. We just got to keep on pushing, keep on going and hopefully it’ll payoff.

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