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CBNAH @ Montreal OTAKUTHON 2016

Ous Zaim and I were lucky enough to be invited as Press / Media as CBNAH representatives to this years Montreal Otakuthon 2016. We want to start more con coverages like this but next time hopefully in the form of Youtube videos ! This is our short coverage for the con (cause everybody hates to read long stuff right):
Otakuthon is the 2nd largest Anime Convention in Canada, and every year the attendees impress by the amazing vibrating energy and life that the con holds. This year once again there were many events, one in particular that caught my attention was the World`s Cosplay Summit. It takes place in Japan every year and the even here at Otakuthon was to choose who were going to represent Canada next year.

There were many features guests from Japan, but my favorite one this year had to be Takeshi Obata, the illustrator of Death Note, Hikaru No Go, and Bakuman. CBNAH had the opportunity to ask him a few questions where I found out for instance that in his opinion, the character design is the most important thing in a manga In addition, Obata revealed his favorite scene in Death Note, when L says : “Watashi wa L-desu” (I am L).

Other than that, once again the cosplayers this year went above and beyond, this one cosplayer particularly impressed me since he won the Montreal Japanese Consulate prize, as a beautiful Master Chief costume. It was this man`s first cosplay ever and his first time at the convention, his hands were shaking on stage. I think this cosplayer represents well the spirit of Otakuthon, hard work in his costume seen through every detail of the Master Chief, and most of all, passion. Some people wait every year impatiently for Christmas, or their own special event that they go to religiously. In my case, Montreal Otakuthon is the event I just cannot wait for every year. - Rachid Bgd



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