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Circo Anamito: Fantasia 2020 Review

Circo Anamito: Fantasia 2020 Review

Several animated entries are in this package. They range in many different art mediums. The films include Spinning Top from Iran. 

Story narrated by a child about what seemed like random, fragmented images of memories all centered on a spinning top. An innocent view on a foreign culture. A loss of that innocence perhaps as the narrative voice over changes to that of a man. Perhaps indicating his final days of childhood.

Fire Insect Pumpkin Corpse from Japan.

Mother's expectations. Surreal visuals made from what seems to look like styrofoam. Each subject matter is a metaphor for the authors life, presented through his "mother's dreams" for him. Work. Health. Family.  Death. It is a thank you from a son to his mother. 

There Were Four of Us

This one is very abstract. So abstract, it was a little difficult to understand. Bright visuals with a static style. Death and time and family. Individuality, identity. Constantly changing visual style paired with random sentences. If I had to guess this is about a complicated family.

Thin Blue Variety Show

A quick inspection on the different types of movie cops from the perspective of their clothes. And commentary on the negative stereotypes their history and infamy bring to corrupt cops irl. Ends in frustrated, overwhelmed, screams which is followed by a message about the gut impulses of police officers influenced by these movies that have resulted in the murder of thousands of black and brown lives just in this decade alone. Important. 

Genius Loci from France. 

Overwhelming feelings of being useless. Escape of responsibility. Transformation in chaos. Personification of feelings taking shape. Intensity of environment and loss of belonging takes hold. Losing yourself to become an unfamiliar wild animal. Until a warm touch brings you back. Powerful.


Extremely short. Set in a post covid world as indicated by the poster on a door. A man speaks to a mirror about loving himself and overcoming his anxiety of other people.

Inside Blue.
A man in a bathroom is distracted constantly from one task by the next. Disorder is symbolism for anxiety.The need to control can make us feel entrapped.

Seoulsori from Korean. 
Musically narrated. Colorful. Shifting images with the center point of a crying bespectacled man trying to escape them. Gotta say the beat really slaps. Perhaps it is about being overcome by culture & heritage and succumbing to it. Or even being buried by it. 

The Weather is Lovely from Beijing. 

Pixar styled short. Cloud based adventurer meets nerdy but cute researcher woman. She breaks his toy and it becomes evil. Expressive with gorgeous animation.

Peace & Love from France.

Two men at sea are in search of love. Fast and funny. 

Florigami from Croatia.
Weeds, vines, and branches grow upon each other. While one is suffocated by its fellow branches, another tries to find its way out of the ever thickening maze. Plant life imagery has never been so voilent.Obstruction, suffocation, imprisonment, death, rebirth. Simple and beautiful. 


Post apocalyptic seemingly but actually third world India during floods. Climate change refugee family traverse flooded streets. Some wear masks of white faces. Struggle of survival against nature with a little girl stuck in between. Disturbing.

The Grave of Saint Oran 

Narrated by the master of adult comic books, Neil Gaiman. Oran is clearly modeled after Morpheus of the Endless, the long face, the shaggy black hair, and the slender figure.  A tale of Irish men of the cloth and their struggle with settlement. A fictitious history of the island of Ayona and its sordid happenings. A buried martyr-heretic and the myth of his rise. A fascinating look into history with a stern warning to corrupt men that want to use heaven as an excuse to cause hell. - Oz

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