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Comic to Movie - Batman Redux


Paul Dini? David Goyer? No more Nolans.

Who will helm the franchise when Nolan ends it with Bane? This reality shtick was nice while it lasted. Nolan didn't target teens, else he'd make the suit with twilight nipples...he went after adults...it's dark and dreary.

Now though, Marvel's heroes on-screen are targeting every single person - hence no DEMON IN THE BOTTLE by Shane Black! It's all poppy and friendly...except when Joss' aliens attack. So DC needs to now go back to the comicky hero...and do away with that reality stuff Nolan did...after all, Marvel has Hulk, Thor, Cap, IRON MAN...and a bloody Avengers film so if DC fans want a JLA film in 2018, we need to build on this fad asap.

But I ask...as comic fans, we are going to get more origins, right? I mean...Superman Birthright, E1...as well as Batman E1...how much more can we take on origins? I say just dive right into Arkham Asylum. We know history and origin of the Bat-heroes and villains...so let's get Alex Proyas or David Fincher in and follow the video game. It rocks...so I hear! Dini may well be on par to write this, but Jeph Loeb, as much as I hate his Marvel stuff, did write great Bat-books...so why not include him? Marvel won't allow it but I can see Dini doing the draft. After Guggenheim helped butcher Green Lantern, I drew ire as he did good stuff in comics for Marvel and DC, so I drew the positives - GL on film opened the door for Superman and other alien aspects of DC to merge to form a JLA...and having them fight Darkseid, with Henry Cavill leading, makes for a grand time. That crap GL film opens the door to the realm of possibilities and now it seems, we can have the DC comic-films akin to Marvel's. Whedon didn't get Wonder Woman off, no pun intended, but with Flash and Aquaman...I think we have writers who can pull it off...and God knows the CGI is there! Geoff Johns did well on Smallville so maybe he can take that much needed break from comics and hit the film script? Naw...that won't happen, won't it?

Back to that Arkham Asylum comic, have at that please...follow the game's structure...no origins...no buildup...just throw it in!!!! Let us immerse ourselves in something nasty!!!

SAMPLE = ROUGH I might add...Plot!

"We see Batman on a rooftop. He watches a red object fly away...it's obscure and then he heads off. Batman defeats Croc and Penguin on the outskirts of Gotham. He cleans up for Gordon take the duo in but the dark knight is still on the police radar...hunted as a vigilante. As Gordon and co. take the duo in, things go awry and Arkham is overthrown...and all inmates come out to play. Some escape...but those who choose to stay wreak havoc. Batman must now enter the belly of the beast to rescue Gordon...and put the inmates back in. Some foes he comes up against are Two-Face, Ivy, Harley and Bane...as well as Croc and Penguin. It seems this was orchestrated by Jeremiah Arkham and a secret accomplice, the Joker. Batman enlists the aid of Bullock and some rogue cops and assist Jim and his crew. He overcomes them all but Joker manages to escape after using Jeremiah as his pawn. Jeremiah and the inmates are restrained and Batman saves the day...but a lot of criminals...including Joker are out there. We see Joker, wounded, going to the real brain of the operation...Hugo Strange, the mastermind. He is rounding up the escapees such as Scarface, Firefly, Freeze etc...as they prepare to launch an attack on Arkham City...cue the sequel.
Batman realises his city is ready and ripe for a prime taking by the new cadre of masterminds. He needs his own cabal...and we see Nightwing emerging from the shadows...he asks where's Tim...and we see the young Robin training with what seems to be David Cain and Katana.
Gotham's on fire...we hear Joker laughing." ---End film!

Now a good note to have as an added scene, we get a flashback of Batman (before this entire debacle kicks off) waiting on a rooftop...and we hear fluttering...behind him it's Superman...and Batman tells him, 'When they need him, while he doesn't trust them...he'd join them...for now!'...The red cape flies off and we see that this is the first scene of the film. Inventive, right? And a nice setup for JLA!

Well...to me the above would be a swell comic one-shot, so I hope we get more comic writers in on this Batman reboot asap...I want my JLA and I want it now! No Guggenheim for me, no Robinson...which comic stars I want aiding DC?...Well, Johns, Lee, Reis and Mauro Cascioli to me are guys I'd like working on this. Make it more comic...make it more win.

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