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Comics and Fashion


Kevin Ward is a designer who mixes fashion with characters, his blog incorporates fun comic book style with a high fashion sensibility. I've fallen partially in love with him just based on his art work, but he seems like a nice guy as well. This San Francisco based designer has turned some of the biggest names in comic book characters (some that even a complete moron when it comes to comics will recognize), into fashion icons by creating fashion paintings based on those characters.



Ward seamlessly incorporates parts of the characters history (the cat on the back of Shadowcat or the feathers on Phoenix) or traditional design (the skull earrings on Mystique or hair of Lady Deathstrike) with fashion forward choices. His designs range from couture (Mystique, Phoenix, Shadowcat and Callisto) to high fashion (Lady Deathstrike and Emma Frost). Here he uses the background of each character to create stunning pieces.

Luella Bartley's show incorporates superhero
themes in the patterns and accessories. 


But these are just drawings, how have comic books really influenced fashion. Well lets take a look at a few designers. British Designer Luella Bartley included superhero themes in her runway show in 2007. 

From incorporating the Batman logo in a pant suit to putting many of her models in masks, Bartley used superheros to make a statement. Her collection is aimed towards professional women (ok so maybe no sane professional women would wear the Batman suit) and is all about empowerment. She utilizes iconic superhero logos and themes to show how powerful women can be. Even those who are dressed simply and wearing classes resembling Clark Kents aka Superman are saying something. That under that fashionable women is a hero in hiding. And what professional women hasn't felt like a superhero sometimes. Read the rest HERE!

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