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Crisis Jung 2018 Review (FRANCE)

70 min

What if Adventure Time had rabies and those rabies suffered from Ebola?  This was my first thought as I exited this exquisite submission from France.  10 short segments composed of confidence, compassion, fortitude, despair, charity, tolerance, maturity, tenderness, and violence.   Brought to you by newcomers Bobbypills and the Blackpills app.  

A love letter to anime, to the feelings that they can spark and the ridiculous trail of unreality they conceive.  Love is at the center of it all.  I was laughing hysterically at the first half of the segments and then I found myself introspecting at the other.  These episodes go in deep.  Despite their gory and bloody nature, they are soulfully beautiful.

I cannot recommend this production more.
It's fun, it's well-drawn, it leaves you used up but refreshed.  In a unique animation style all its own, it shows the all-consuming power of love.  There is a lot of consuming. 

Very worthy of a second, third, and a millionth viewing, it has cult hit written all over it. This has been my favorite of what Fantasia Festival 2018 has had to offer so far.  It speaks to my morbid and gross side in screams.  In pretty, alluring screams.  It has fast become my favorite thing and I want to expose it to everyone I know. 

This is the power of the Fantasia Festival.  Surrender to the new age of violence.

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