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Cyborg #2 Review

Oh Cyborg #2, where to begin..?

The daddy issues are strong with this one. People from the Facebook group were just talking about hating whining/screaming/tantrum-throwing main characters in anime. At the time I couldn't picture what they were talking about but it would seem like Cyborg would fit what they were describing. And it is indeed annoying. I might be able to understand or get over his issues but they don't actually show the father doing anything bad, in this issue.

There are times when I can see the lighter side of his toon personality, but then I didn't really like him there. Its definitely toned down but you can really see him almost like Shazam, a kid with an adult body.

As for the story, they've brought in some strange hybrid of Doctor Who's Ood and Trek's Borg to invade from another universe... This is most definitely a drop for me.

There does seem to be a larger mystery hiding in the other universe. But I don't care to sit through this and find out. - Chris Grisby



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