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DC: Rebirth Week #1 Reviews

Batman: Rebirth #1. Two issues into Rebirth and it is VERY apparent that DC has got their shit together. There are some things about the continiuity that is confusing, but i think even that stuff will be peeled back during the months. something about what Wally said in Rebirth, about how the DC verse just lost a decade Very good read, clean, focused and new. - Ous Zaim

Green Arrow: Rebirth #1. So impressed by the other 3 rebirth titles that I had to check out everything they had. Another good first issue.  - Ous Zaim

Green Lantern: Rebirth #1. It was actually pretty darn good, I'm surprised!  - Ous Zaim

Superman: Rebirth #1. Superman is dead and The REAL Superman returns. The pre new 52 Clark Kent. VERY exciting!  - Ous Zaim

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