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DCeased: Dead Planet #1 Review

DCeased: Dead Planet #1 Review

By Michael Miranda

The Earth has been made uninhabitable due to the Anti-Life Equation, although some people have stayed behind to help surivivors.  Harley and Ivy built an impenetrable wall made of plants, and they call it New Eden.  Those not in New Eden, went to Earth 2 to try and rebuild as best they could.  With this new Earth comes a new Batman and a new Superman, both pairs of boots being filled by their respective children Jon Kent and Damian Wayne.  

THe back and forth between these two is absolutely endearoing and hilarious. You can tell right from the start that they are best friends, and close like brothers.  I guess this is what happens when you are both thrust into shoes seemingly too big to fill huh?  But they do an amazing job as the New World's Finest. After an S.O.S beacon is sent to them from Earth-1 from Cyborg, the new Justice League compiled of Ollie, Dinah (who is now a Green Lantern), Batman, and Superman decide to go back to rescue Cyborg. The message he transmitted, claimed he had a cure for the Anti-Life Equation. 

Oh and did I mention there is a Kryptonite sword now? That's pretty important, see when Superman turned, that was the only thing they could make to try and stop him, and it was originally held by Wonder Woman, since she was the only one left able to take him - clearly it didn't work because he turned her.  Now it is in the hands of Dinah Lance, who bestowed it upon Ollie.  Okay, now we're all caught up.  

Even though the team is worried this may be a trap, they know that if Cyborg is alive, it is their duty to help him.  So, off the team goes while the remaining Green Lanterns protect Earth-2.  The team is almost through with their rescue mission when an Amazonian cog is thrust into their plans.  Cue a stand off with Ollie, Dinah, and the God Killing sword vs. Zombie Diana.  Yeah...it goes pretty much the way you'd expect at, so there is no element of surprise, but the way the fight is illustrated is just, so breathtaking.  

However, it's the tail end of the fight that really hit me in the gut, and made me step back for a day to just kinda let it sit with me before I could fairly write about it and do it justice. Suffice to say that it isn't easy to kill an undead Amazon.  Tom Taylor delivers another ground breaking story in an already groundbreaking stor. This is definitely survival horror meets superheroes done right.

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