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Death of Superman (2018) New Trailer

If you are a bit new to the world of comics, The Death of Superman was a 1992 story arc where Superman finally meets his match with Doomsday. Whereas this used to just be a tagline to sell people on the new issue of whatever, this actually had some real consequences: Superman dies (if the title wasn't a giveaway). And it is next up on the list of animated DC movies coming out. The new trailer (IGN got the exclusive, so check that out there) shows off some story notes this rendition will hit. For you guys who've read the original run, you should be quick to notice that this is more a soft retelling, as the Justice League is taking the place of the Justice League International on top of some other changes here and there. For you newcomers who haven't had a chance to pick up the original tradeback, this might be a good chance to check out this storyline. Check out the trailer for yourself down below, and you can expect to see the full movie later this year on August 7. 

So what do you guys think? Like the changes? Memories of the original comic when it came out? Let us know!


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