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Elderoth New Album Mystic Due Out April 28th

Via press release:

Engineering a unique style of metal music with oriental instruments from East Asia, Montreal, QC's Elderoth intertwine modern North American and European styles in a must-hear album with each track flowing across to the next to create a dynamic taste for fans. Featuring intense guitar licks, complex keyboard arrangements and powerful rhythms, Elderoth delivers a challenging sound that is catching the attention of metal aficionados, guitarists and professional musicians around the world for its pinnacle of musicianship, composition and technical ingenuity.  The prog power metal band has now teamed up with ProgMetalZone.com for the exclusive album premiere of Mystic due out officially April 28th to follow up their 2012 self-titled debut. Check it out at this location.

Founding member and mastermind behind Elderoth, Collin McGee comments:

"Being influenced by far east Asian music, such as Japanese and Chinese, the creation of this album was very fun and interesting. We wanted to make something completely new and fresh for the ears to enjoy. It was quite a lot of work as well as a great learning experience. This album showcases the new and unique dynamics that Elderoth has. This has been the main goal of this album, and also this is something we wish to pursue in the future. We always like to add new interesting elements to our music. We decided to start using 8 string guitars on this album as well as these new influences. As well as trying to add new things to our music, we always wish to remain to have a catchy sound and make songs that are memorable."

The band’s 2015 lineup features founding member Collin McGee on guitars and vocals with Xavier Sperdouklis on bass, Vincent Harnois on guitars and Jessy Normand on drums. Mcgee, the man behind the vision of Elderoth is the primary author, composer, lead guitarist, and singer. Through his years of being self-taught, studying music theory and composing endlessly, McGee has mastered composition on guitar and other instruments at a world-class level, along with writing lyrics and developing his vocals to a professional level that stands out in the audio mix both live and in the studio.

Prog Metal Zone - Mystic Album Premiere - http://www.progmetalzone.com/2015/elderoth-mystic-premier/ 

Track Listing - Elderoth - Mystic:

1. Within (1:01)
2. Black and Blue (4:15)
3. This Shadow By My Side (4:48) 
4. My Future (3:27) 
5. Falling Star (4:09)
6. In A Dream (3:36)
7. The Ocean (4:35)
8. Far In The Sea (4:27)
9. Always Remember (3:56)

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