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Extraordinary X-Men # 2 & 3 Review

Extraordinary X-Men #2 & #3 by Jeff Lemire and Humberto Ramos 

Big heads up, there will be some spoilers for these.

There is a lot of fill in the blanks happening in the book here such as the location of Storm's school, Cyclops' death (after Secret Wars), the Inhumans going to war against the mutants and a new legacy virus level disease that is killing mutants known as M-Pox. Mutants are dying because of the Terrigan Mists in the atmosphere and Storm is trying to make a difference by gathering a group of experienced and powerful X-Men. Old Logan and young Jean both refuse her invitation, but then find each other and work out their issues and fears. On a seperate journey, Magik brings Colossus on board and they go in search for Nightcrawler to find his dismemebered tail. Their adventure takes them to the sewers where they confront what I am guessing is a new version of the Mauaraders led by the one and only Mr. Sinister (!!!). Storm's group faces issues of their own as the school is revealed to be located in Limbo now. Magik gets severly injured in the Sinister battle and that severes her connection with her protective spells over the campus. The X-Men plus the students and the refugees are forced to battle the demons of limbo. I got a kick from seeing two forgotten mutants working with Storm in the school and they are Forge and Anole. Forge has also implanted a sentient Cerebra in the casing of an old modeled sentinel. Anyway, the issues end with Wolverine and Jean showing up to the school to lend a hand. Not too bad, but the book is still in set up mode. The Ramos art works in some scenes but feels rushed in others. I know he's capable of great things outside of solo books as I first became a fan of his work on the multi-charactered book Avengers: The Initiative. He probably needs a little bit of time to adjust to the X-Men but he's doing fine so far. - Ous Zaim


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