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Faith #1 Advance Review

Faith #1 Advance Review

I’m tempted to post this review with my standard quote of “Valiant is good. Buy Valiant.”, but I won’t be a completely lazy ass. Faith is newly single, newly solo and seeking new adventures.

Faith, though, is not a fame-seeker and is truly seeking to help people. One of the many aspects of this book that keeps things light and positive while still serving up some superheroic thrills. It is this title’s positive tone that makes it unique in the Valiant line up. And, really, I’m hard pressed to think of a title amongst the Big 3 that delivers the same level of humor, positivity and cape and tights feel. ‘Invincible’ is the closest thing I can think of to compare it to.

While reading this issue, it actually felt like it could be an episode of DC’s ‘Supergirl’. Testing out her secret identity, palling around the office, keeping up with other heroes and some light detective and super heroics. Throughout I was thinking “This could very easily work for TV”. It was later that I noticed the issue was subtitled “Episode 1”, so I wonder if that was the line of thinking from the creative team.

That said, while mostly satisfying as a comic issue I think it would’ve been lacking as a complete episode. I can appreciate an old fashioned cliffhanger but would’ve loved for the first issue to give me all title had to offer and stand completely on its own. As is, it does its job of establishing her character and her world but didn’t completely blow me away.

As a nerd, I wondered while reading if I felt the use of nerd-references felt too forced but then she made a ‘Red Dwarf’ reference and I said “Fuck it, I like”.  I just hope the charm of a fellow nerd superhero doesn’t wear off quickly.

I do wonder if the light tone will hinder the overall story and plot. Whether or not her book will have the impact the other Valiant books seem to have throughout the line. Will Faith matter? Or will it just be a fluff? I could not tell from just this issue.

It is the charm of of this book that makes it worth a look. A breath of fresh Zephyr (<--- That’s me doing my corny reviewer thing). Faith’s altruistic attitude, crisp art and relatable humor make at least the first TWO issues of this book a good recommendation for...well… anyone.

Valiant is good. Buy Valiant.

Faith #1
Written by Jody Houser
Art by Fancis Protela, Marguerite Sauvage, Andrew Dalhouse, Joe Quinones
Published by Valiant Comics
Release Date January 27th, 2016

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