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Fantasia 2018: ARIZONA Review

84 min

Starring Danny McBride, Rosemarie DeWitt, and Luke Wilson depicting a dramatization of the American housing crisis back in 2006. But that’s just a small backdrop in the dry, desert setting of Arizona. This story goes from average shmo struggling in life to the darkest of black comedies fast.

It inspects the nature of people and how quickly any situation can get out of control. How someone who considers themselves a good person can get in too deep. A reveal of one’s true character when backs are against the wall.

Hilarious. Unexpectedly and shockingly violent. It’s a story of how things can get worse when you feel like they possibly cannot. What are good people and what are bad people. What does that even mean.  

One of McBride’s strongest performances to date, even though he is playing to character. Evil deeds are hard to judge when you are doing them. Especially when you are an out of luck shmuck. A lovable and daffy shmuck who goes way too far. One that cannot be excused when blameless victims are being hurt, no matter how hard you try to justify it.


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