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Fantasia 2018: BODIED Review

80 min

A comedy about the world of underground 'freestyle' rap battles. But scratch all that, I'm going to come from a personal angle for a minute.

I grew up with two older brothers listening to nothing but rap back in the late 80s and early 90s. This was my world at one point. I was the most obnoxious eight year old that was constantly spitting out sentences of words three times too big for my size while never truly knowing what they fully meant. Singing Snoop, Tupac, dr. Dre, and various others, knowing the lyrics by heart, word for word, song for song, album for album. It was an amazing feeling of harmony and pride. One that I still experience every blue moon when brave and intoxicated enough to jump into a freestyle.  

I want to try to do this review like I was in a freestyle rap battle, inspired by BODIED and by what director Joseph Kahn said after the viewing.  

But just like it is stated in the movie, please understand that this is all for the battle. Nothing should be taken personal, I'm just busting balls. The mean shit is exaggeration and said for comedic effect, like in a real rap battle.  


Lyrical freestyle

I just watched Disney's version of 8 Mile
Started out good then I felt defiled
Freestyle battles from the perspective of Pinocchio
Not the streets not the hood no no 
our main lead is an eloquently spoken ginger hoe
Weaponized with words privileged and ready to go
Always underestimated until battle until the toe-to-toe
A well practiced arsenal educated with a destructive flow
Nothing could stop this white bread's ego
Poetical Devastation across the screen
But the motivation was meaningless chasing the green
Unrealistic representation because you out of touch
A passion project but you obviously don't know much
About the struggle the pain and all that's in between
Eminem as a producer only reason I was on the scene
But the cringe and the annoyance They just added up
This world is alien to you the product was corrupt
The director spoke after obvious Napoleon complex
Talking about who deserved his respect as long as they sign a check
But I understand that this was a representation of free speech
However the translation was mangled, by a cultural Leech
Dope visuals and effects depicted almost every rhyme spat
The symbolic feline in every scene was just an Uninvited Studio cat
I like what Mr. Kahn said about communication through rap battles
A positive spin on the hard streets where colored men are slaughtered like cattle
We all get in where we fit in and that's not a mystery
Like the vegan girlfriend who was an overbearing nightmare feminazi
At least she knew her place and where she belonged
But young Adam became the villain that uttered a betrayer's song
F****** with trust he deserves to lose his spleen
In this premiere of BODIED at Fantasia 2018
Clearly inspiring it wasn't all bad
Some jokes were brilliant and I was laughing like mad
The disses never stopped and I Can Only Imagine
Kid Twist breaking his wrist writing this never ending pageant
A perspective of two dozen or more freestylers
Represented well by a single lyric writer
I'm backing off now because artists deserve respect
I can tell that everyone worked hard to make this and broke their neck
Congratulations and here is to much success
But I'm done now it was fun to creatively Flex


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