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Fantasia 2018: MEGA TIME SQUAD Review

81 min

I am so partial to entertainment from New Zealand and Australia. The accent does me in. The perspective is different and lighter hearted. They don't let themselves get weighed down by ego or current events and that's a welcoming break. The focus is pure and concentrated. The budget is low but the love for the craft is there.

The plot; Two knuckleheads do the bidding of third knucklehead who runs a gang of knuckleheads. When John (prime knucklehead played by Anton Tenant) helps himself, a string of events occur that are wacked in the head. John is a sympathetic dimwit with a Batman complex. As in he has dead parents; which leads the viewer into guessing that his upbringing was shaky from the start without stable role models and carers. Perhaps he's not the complete tool he first appears to be because John had to look elsewhere for his affection. Which led his life towards 'crime-lord' Shelton (played by the always funny and wild eyed Jonny Brugh, a personal favorite).

We quickly enter a state of paradoxal clown shoes. Time travel meets the 1996 Keaton comedy, MULTIPLICITY.  Funny and very entertaining. Clever plot, with a lead player that couldn't be dumber. Mega Time Squad represent, Fantasia 2018 represent!

I liked the many scenes that make a mockery of guns. I think we need more of this and less glamorized views of these instruments of death. It's a movie full of criminals yet does not contain a lot of violence. There is some blood shed and a couple of splattered heads, but not much and only to serve the narrative.  

Sweet at the core, it's a tale of friendship and loyalty and self growth. One with a sprinkle of made up Chinese lore that will have you laughing in stitches. Give it a chance you might be surprised at how much you will enjoy it.


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