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Fantasia 2018: UNDER THE SILVER LAKE Review

140 min

Andrew Garfield plays under stimulated Californian slacker, Sam. He is a bird watching type. His favorite species are the bro, and the titmouse. He also loves the Fourway and the fourtwenty.

After some unwarranted peeping, he meets  beauteous neighbor Sarah (Riley Keough). Sam is instantly obsessed. However, the distinct and loud voice of Old Los Angeles plays the third wheel. Can romance possibly blossom in these trying times of dog killers and sycophants?

Sara disappears and Sam gets on the case, making it his life perogative. Even at the cost of everything.  

Sam encounters some snags along his journey including those of conspiracy and blood. Also drug ensued and non-drug ensued hilarities.

As a new entry from the creator of IT FOLLOWS in Fantasia 2018, the genre choice was surprising but the style was instantly recognizable. Sharp colors, raw youth, hazy outlooks, and the unusual. Also sweat; tons of sweat. True it may have partly been the humid-as-hades Montreal summer but you felt the heat through that lense. Similarly to IT FOLLOWS. A common theme David Robert Mitchell conveys. I'd be interested in seeing his approach to a winter setting.

UNDER THE SILVER LAKE has an unrestrained flow with a flexible conclusion. The focus darts around rapidly in a pleasant manner. Originality of tone and demeanor of plot might answer some paranoias and conspiracies we have all thought about. Those answers depend on your value of cost.

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