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Fantasia 2018:TOKYO VAMPIRE HOTEL Review

142 min

Ultra violence galore. Bullets fly in the air more often then oxygen molecules. Blood and vampires. Eccentric immortals. All this and the end of the world too!

TOKYO VAMPIRE HOTEL was a complex plot created by Sion Sono. I was cheering at the start of it, it’s one of the wildest and unique films I’ve seen this year at the Fantasia 2018 Film Festival.

Ancient blood feud between the original, white, jesus-like, Dracula vampires and an offshoot known as the Corvins. We follow the Japanese faction of these Corvins, a despicable, malevolent family of manipulators as they chase down a prophecy centered on 20 something Manami. After that, everything goes blood shit crazy and red. Bloody red.

The violence exceeds many films I have seen. Bodies and blood cover most of the sets. Especially when the story brings us to the Hotel aka Vagina Castle. Music is very energetic and the performances are over the top.  

Funny and blood thirsty, awkward a lot of the time. The overall memorandum is that people use people. Monsters use monsters and people. No one should be easily trusted. Relationships only bring sorrow and eventual betrayal. These creatures are of a dark nature and their plans for us are ugly. Not that humans are much better.


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