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Fantasia 2018:WHAT KEEPS YOU ALIVE Review




99 min

Unsettling. Brutal. Inventive with a beautiful backdrop.

Giving this movie a thorough review would do it a disservice. It’s hard to talk about it without revealing key plot points. You must experience it yourself.  

Incredible performances by Hannah Anderson and Brittany Allen. Two actresses I will surely look out for future projects. As well as writer/director Colin Minihan. You will be hanging on to every word, every scene.

Ferociously intelligent ideas are contrasted against a beautiful, Canadian lake side setting. Many surprises will leave you reeling. You can feel the uncomfort of the actresses (and your own) through the screen as they explore the concept of nature versus nurture. And that ending. GOD.

This is definitely in my top five from Fantasia 2018’s offerings. You must just trust me on this, find this movie and watch it as soon as it is available. The mysterious clouds of the plot will disperse for you as they did for its audience and you will be thankful I kept them blanketed.  

Warning, it is super tense, somewhat anxiety inducing. Its LGBT protagonists both deserve much praise for this artistic creation.

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