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Fantasia 2019: BRUCE MCDONALD'S Dreamland Review

2019 92 min.

Stephen Hattie plays dual roles. Excellent use of light and focus points in this strange world, set on the outskirts of reality. This is my second experience with Canadian actor Hattie in the Fantasia 2019 festival and he's easily become a new favorite. Gruff and a low toned voice, face mapped out by age, he's a serious protagonist in front of a back drop of cartoony corruption.

Surreal and stylized on a modest budget. We explore the depths of a joyless man and his twin stranger. Virtue is build into the human DNA but some dreams are built on the ceilings of nightmare. Life is a thorny and wrong and unfair. What will it cost to give hope a chance. Especially when immoral claws reach for the lives of young innocents, hit man Johnny must break out of his own depressive shell and put a stop to it. No matter what the personal cost is.

Henry Rollins plays low level gangster boss Hercules in an intense and extremely drole demeanor that had the audience in stitches each time he was on screen. Juliette Lewis also plays an out of her mind aristocrat trying to create a perfect wedding for her vampire brother.

Darkly comical yet elegant with style. The dream state is swirled with eccentricities and unpredictable story path reach a brightly lit conclusion. The message of the movie may not be fully comprehended, but it is felt.


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