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Fantasia 2019: Come to Daddy Review

2019 94 mins.

Elijah Wood stars as lost hipster man boy, Norval. What a treat. He executes a great performance that's personal and familiar to many. Estranged father, meet your disappointing offspring. But not all is exactly as it seems.  

CTD is a strange onion that hits hard with every layer. Not all is as seems. The human condition of suffering is eternal and it's inside all of us. The condemnation of others is an easy and unremarkable ability we have and I feel like this movie states this. It also basically displays that there are many sides to every story, action,  and judgement.

Mid July has been Elijah Wood's week. He charmed audiences at his Q&A during the Montréal comic con, (where he mentioned Come To Daddy actually) with his open and down to Earth demeanor. His emotive face was perfect for the role. Stephen McHattie plays the perfect, cynical, asshole-dad. Michael Smiley plays the most memorable roles  as a low down, criminal with a deeply buried heart of gold.

It's journey we partake with Norval that crosses hilarity, violence, and self reflection.

The 2019 Fantasia Film Festival is mostly known by the public for foreign horror movies, but veteran attendees know the real treasures lay in movies about the human condition. Especially the less spoken of, embarrassing, and personal ones.


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