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Fantasia 2019: Critters Attack Review

89 min.  USA

In honor of the 80s fromage horror genre, the tropes are checked off wonderfully in this brand new depiction of the death ball saga.

Part 6 of the classic franchise.   The murderous, rolling, chewing, rolling, killing, eating, chewing, eating, rolling crites are back!  This time, they are.pursued by Queen Crite herself in all her glory.  

In typical horror fashion, we follow some unsuspecting leads with tragic pasts. What makes a modern hero outside of heartbreak, we still haven't deciphered said formula. 
In one hand, we have a gathering of innocents who will be forged into Earth's doomed protectors.  As is tradition.

On the other side of town, we have idiots and loud primitives playing the role of meat fodder who get to satiate our blood thirst and morbid eye delights.  As is tradition.

The Critters man eating bouncy ball of death makes a magnificent return along with Dee Wallace reprising her role with a new assertion.  .

FANTASIA FILM FESTIVAL 2019 is always bringing meow back and the world premiere of CRITTERS ATTACK is a wonderful addition to tickle the nostalgia glands.  Bonus; it is screen written by comic book legend, Scott Lobdell. Liked 90's X-Men? Mr. Lobdell is the legend responsible for said lore.


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