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Fantasia 2019: Daniel Isn't Real Movie Review

Daniel Isn't Real
2019 96 min.

Socially inept College student Luke is forced to return home to help his mentally ill mother. He is easily overwhelmed by the intensity of her malady and is forced to attain help from his childhood imaginary friend, Daniel, a slick haired, confident, and sharp eyed know it all that has all the answers. Daniel sticks around to help Luke with his life inadequacies but begins to overstay his welcome as well as encroach on Luke's personal romances.

Based on Brian DeLeeuw's novel IN THIS WAY I WAS SAVED, the film explores trauma and mental afflictions as the lines blur between Luke and Daniel. There is much more to Daniel and the exploration of the truth is madness.

Visually delicious and vivid with a flow that keeps viewers engaged, DANIEL sets itself apart from other films of its genre. Excellent performances by some fairly unknowns all around makes for a top pick at this year's FANTASIA FILM FESTIVAL 2019.


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