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Fantasia 2019: It Comes Movie Review

It Comes
2018 135 min.

Blood curse thriller. Has a narrative that bounces perspectives, not often but surprisingly refreshing and unexpected. However, that comes much later.

We start by following Hideki and Kana as they begin their apparent happy new life as husband and wife. She is thrown in the midst of his family, friends and celebration ensues. Straying of the path of conventional narrative, we bounce back and forth from the past to the present, from the glowingly open positive to the darkly lit personal and secret negatives.

It's an interesting look at self inspection, about what we allow others to see compared to who we truly are. Hideki might be an incredible father according to the influence of his daddy blog, but the truth is different. His wife Kana is revealed to be miserable at a certain point, placing all the weight of her problems on Hideki's naive way of looking at life. But one of the many lessons of this flick is that no one is innocent. We all bring doom to ourselves and encourage excuse to retain a clean moral slate.

Back to the blood curse, mysticism is a big factor to the tale. Often to much hilarity as well as tragedy. As well as blood curdling fear that director Tetsuya Nakashima portrays poignantly with great skill.

Darkness within us can break our morals with a slip up of words thoughts or action, leaving us vulnerable to restless, evil spirits and other-death. These themes as well a heavy hand on accountability and love within parenting are huge in IT COMES. A surprise pick for me in the FANTASIA 2019 FILM FESTIVAL but easily one of the best.


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