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Fantasia 2019: Little Monsters(2019) Review

Little Monsters (2019)
94 Mins, Australia

Slacker Dave is lost (Alexander England). Hitching all his hopes on an unrealistic dream and spending most of his time gaming, his relationships keep falling apart. In a hilarious intro montage, Dave and his significant other argue through out their entire week. A wordless montage that ends in seperation.

Older sister Tess (Kat Stewart) takes Dave in, but he quickly starts fucking up there as well. His only hope and human connection left is his little nephew, who looks up to him and doesn't quite see the loser everyone else does. As a last chance from the fed up Tess, Dave is ordered to take care of Felix' school routine. He meets Miss Caroline (Lupita N'Yongo) and instantly falls for her delicate charms. He signs up as a chaperone for the school field trip and the true misadventure begin.

A mixed genre comedy, LM portrays a small zombie outbreak on a hilarious scale. Josh Gad is thrown into the mix as the broken child entertainer Teddy McGiggle, a depraved and deeply disturbed human being. The three reluctantly team up to keep the little ones alive during the take over.

Ton of laugh out loud moments, and a few references to Star Wars as well as one too many of Taylor Swift, Little Monsters shines a spotlight on the growing comedy scene in Australia. Miss Caroline proves herself easily as a protective warrior and Dave learns to appreciate his young nephew. It also deals with letting go of unhealthy yet comfortable traits.

Check out this light but bloody steak of an entry in this year's FANTASIA FILM FESTIVAL 2019.


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