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Fantasia 2020: Morgana Review

It's a personal journey of a woman who uses creativity as an outlet from mundane suffocation. Narrative scenery, captivating. The story she shares is touching and emotional. Morgana was shackled in a self prison for years. Until she made a new path for herself. Pornographic samplings included and  tastefully documented. Exhibitionist art, post midlife sexual exploration. The focus is a tale of rebirth. Uplifting, inspirational, naked truths, life. Charmingly expressive, Morgana Muses is empowering. The film is documented liberation. Raw self critic. She became her own muse while still struggling with depression. Even sacrificing blood ties in pursuit of fulfilling contentment. A brave human hungry for a life denied. I can't help but look up to that strength. Her experience is a flag of hope in the face of doomed fates & petrified desires. A light at the end of an unknown tunnel, begging to be explored. To once again remember the energy and pulse of touch. Dreaded rut is not a destiny we must accept. Morgana sets fire to the doll house of expectations. It's beyond gender, sexuality, or mental health. It's human connection. 

It's an un burial. A rising against the push of societal hang ups. Fuck dying in whimper or silence. Ignition is fire started by a suppressed inner self, given the keys and full access to a weary soul. To fully expand outward and upward in regrowth of a healthy esteem. Not perfect, just being true to yourself and living by a dignified standard. One day we'll be able to look in the mirror, I'm sure of it. Limit breaks occur often when one's spirit carries a new found shield of passion. After the first iron-set boundaries are crossed, the following become butter. Only we stand in our own way. 

First entry of the Fantasia Festival 2020 connected fiercely. Bravo Morgana Muses, you touched me. - OZ

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