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Fantasia Film Festival 2014: ANGRY VIDEO GAME NERD: THE MOVIE Review by Peter Georgoulis

In his attempts to get the world to forget the atrocity that was ET for the Atari, the constantly scowling Angry Video Game Nerd embarks on a quest to disprove the myth of the ET landfill. The Nerd is aided in his quest by his energetic camera man sidekick and fellow girl gamer, who is actually part of a plot by gaming corporation to use the nerd to promote their horrible ET sequel. Together they get themselves in way over their heads with the military, aliens and ancient low budget deities.

Now you would think this movie would be, in the style of James Rolfe himself, a Bleep Bleeping bleep of a bleep on a bleep sandwich, but instead this is a lot of fun for fans of games, geek culture and old school cinema. The movie uses a good mix of practical and special effects capturing the fun and low budget feel of classic cinema mirroring the styles of old zombie, monster and sci-fi movies. Although this is truly a movie for the fans as it is littered with references and in jokes from the various Video Game Nerd reviews from Ninja Turtles three to a hilarious nod to Top Gun.

The movie will always keep you smiling with just how over the top it can be especially the villains. Your standard evil military villains, but quite honestly they are one of the best things in this movie. The back and forth with the general and his personnel is the stuff of cringe worthy glory in just how insane this man can be. The same can be said with our little green friend whose very existence lets you know this movie does not take itself seriously. They are not the only interesting faces some rather important cameos can seen across the movie.


The nerd does what he does best in this movie, tears bad games a new one while at the same time offering up interesting critics on gaming then and gaming now. As I said earlier, this is a movie for the fans, yet it can still be enjoyed by those who have not watched the series. James Rolfe brings us a movie filled with everything that makes the Nerd the profanity spewing rage filled gamer we all know and love.

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