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Fantasia Film Festival 2014: GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Review by Ous Zaim

The movie I have been waiting six years to see, GUARDIANS hits it out of the park and into deep, deep space. Rocket and Groot steal the show, Drax is insanely funny, Gamora is sharp as her swords, and Peter Quill The Star Lord is the glue that holds them all together. This nerd's heart was singing at the sight of every cosmic location (Xandar, Knowhere), and every cameo (The Collector, Thanos, The Kree, The Nova Corps, #####). Saying I was fully satisfied only begins to describe my joyous feelings towards GALAXY. And I wasn't alone. The audience's reactions were consistently happy and clappy. If you are to see one movie this summer, make it this space-fairing adventure! A guaranteed hit and sequel are both projections solidified into our reality and I am glad. Five thumbs up!

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