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Fantasia Film Festival 2014: HUNTER X HUNTER: THE LAST MISSION Review by Ous Zaim

There is nothing like Hunter X Hunter. The manga has inspired many Otakus and the anime is the most thrilling thing out there currently. The same thing unfortunately can not be said about the movies. You see, the anime is on this course that can't be disturbed. The storytelling must play out, even if it does sacrifice the appearance of fan-favorites for the duration of story-arc upon story-arc. This is where the movies come in to try and rectify things. A confusion of continuity, The HXH films are never set in a timeline that makes sense or matches what's currently going on. The question always arises of when these events could have possibly taken place. Still, fans of certain characters are treated (in some cases) to the final appearances of big personalities from the Hunter world. In this case, LAST MISSION is just that for Netero. A personal favorite, it was nice to say a proper goodbye to such a strong and wonderful character. In the end, even though we get treated to some Hisoka screen time and a throwback to the original four, this movie is just filler. Don't expect it to change things or progress the actual story.

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