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Fantasia Film Festival 2014: RUROUNI KENSHIN - KYOTO INFERNO Review by Ous Zaim

New to the franchise, i didn't know what to expect. But the results were great! Colorful cast of characters set in a late 1800 feudal Japan backdrop, KENSHIN picks up the pace from the get go. Extremely engaging with its super-speed sword fighting choreography. Dreamy eyed, soft spoken, hope inspiring, Kenshin is a pony-tail having, sword carrying Sonic The Hedgehog. I love character driven stories! And this movie is fucking poetic. Also, this is a second entry to feature actor Tatsuya Fujiwara in FANTASIA 2014 and this performance highly redeems him for the let-down that is MONSTERZ. Go discover something new, foreign and exciting in KENSHIN!


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