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Fantasia Film Festival 2016: Aloys Review

A story about a private eye that perfers a private life and who just lost his father. He is anal and his life is scrupulous to the last drop. Until a slight alcoholic bus mis-adventure turns everything upside down. Role reversal time as a cruel stalker teases his way of life and his insane routine. I mean this guy is so ridged he refers to himself in the third person. Very tense but a disconnection comes. His irritation turns into his obsession. It's an account of two strangers slash lost souls that help each other through pain. Watch as they shatter this all too familiar prison like world we make for ourselves. Also introduces a new kind of phone sex dubbed as phone-walking. A good lesson can be snagged here though; if you live too long in a dream world, you might get stuck. Psychological damage delivered fresh from Switzerland. - Ous Zaim


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