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Fantasia Film Festival 2016: Karaoke Crazies Review

How can a movie be the saddest yet happiest experience ever? KC does that. It reels you in on an emotional journey that covers the uglier side of the spectrum. Four freaks find family with each other and it's beautiful. I teared up, I was super sad but then I was able to smile. The underdogs deserve to have their day and no more so then these four. Life can shit on you and never stop. When things are so bad, death is the prefered release you have the Crazies. Mature subject matter, deals with loss, death, rape, societal ousting. It's not hard to see why 3 of the 4 characters are hermits. A unique experience. Take someone you care about, watch, come out and release a breathe of relief. Gold. - Ous Zaim


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