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Fantasia Film Festival 2016: Outlaws and Angels Review


Before I start, I wanted to thank the organizers of the Fantasia Film Festival for inviting CBNAH to this our fourth year in a row covering this amazing spectacle.  We are foremost big fans of the festival as well as huge cinophiles and getting the chance to be a part of it is something we are beyond grateful for and appreciate to no ends.  Thank you so so much you wonderful and beautiful gaggle of fellow fanatics.  Now onwards with the review!

We draw first blood of the festival with this barbarous tale of six shooters and frontiere justice. Francesca Eastwood daughter of legendary Clint Eastwood absolutely shines in the twisted tale of love on the range. Spoiler alert, OUTLAWS is 100% a  Romance Novel caked in the blood and guts of a spaghetti western, you will find this out very quickly. Filmed on 35mm, it is atmospheric, gritty and gripping from the get go. The soundtrack is on a level of slapstick that kept the laughs rolling. Topics of religion, darkness and light from within, revelations and yes of course romance bubble quickly to the surface. The villains here seem to be the only true heroes of the show as corruption seeps into every one else. From the law bringers to the most innoccent. There are no true morals and you'll be surprised at who you find yourself rooting for. Luke Wilson plays a small role enough to be considered a cameo but again, it is the unforgetably unpredictable Francesca Eastwood who steals the show. The final question is asked and that is are we all just simply doomed? - Ous Zaim


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