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Fantasia Film Festival 2016: Slash Review

I went into this one blind. Having seen only a preview picture of two teens in cosplay at a con and knowing the film's name, my brain simply deducted that it was going to be a horror film with a comic book convention as a back drop. I was in for quite a surprise. Especially in those steamy first ten minutes. I laugh. I LAUGH!  SLASH is funny and refreshing with big energy.  The casting couldn't have been more well-suited. And I learned something new!  Specifically that the sub genre of SLASH is actually man on man fan fiction. Take that and drizzle it in a coming of age story that has plenty of youth confusion, the characters really grow and evolve in the short one hundred minutes of screen time. One thing however that I have always known and is proven once again here is that the nerd world is the best world. - Ous Zaim


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