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Fantasia Film Festival 2016: Superpowerless Review


Mundayne. This is life in the slow lane. This movie is the type where it is either undeniably what you thought it was going to be or the exact opposite. Low budget and depends on the narrative too much, which drives home the points of we are all ordinairy and fleeting moments of exceptionalism are meant to be lived, not cherished. The main lead has ZERO charisma and is not the greatest actor. I'm not sure if he was casted for that purpose, to have an unlikable main character. Either way, that was the case for me. I felt nothing for him. None the less, through him we learn that with age comes wisdom... eventually. I found that there were way too many direction changes in the life of Bob, like he's really doomed to be uncontentful. Because of him, it was hard to believe there was anything close to super in this dull world.  Perhaps in the end, it's the fact that humans are creatures that are just NOT able to maintain contentment or satisfaction. - Ous Zaim


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