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Fantasia Film Festival 2016: Trash Fire Review

Hilarious and uncompromising. Absolutely rude! This behaviour is NOT acceptable to society's standards. But we find out that it all comes from a source. The two halves of the picture seem like two different movies. Brilliant performance by Adrian Grenier (who I am now obsessed with) who is the most sardonic asshole you hope to never meet. There's commentary on religion but more so on how awful people can be with and without it. How twisted and damaged and unfixable our past can make us. To truly change is difficult and not the normalcy of human nature. Fionnula Flanagan plays grand mother Violet, a cruel and terrible woman set in her psychologically irreperable ways. She even outshines Grenier and steals the show. The end is a bit brutal but it is perhaps trying to say that sometimes a new lease on life can cost a huge deposit. - Ous Zaim


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